11/24/2015 Breech replaces astral walk for Angels, Demons
11/24/2015 fly home replaces word of recall for Angels, Demons and Vampires
11/24/2015 kick skill set to level 10 for all classes that have it
11/24/2015 parry skill set to level 3
11/24/2015 Dodge skill all set to level 2
11/24/2015 new angel skill ethereal body
11/24/2015 ethreal body also acts like passdoor
11/25/2015 Added maxmove, minmove to setclass function. Reworking hp min and max for all classes in attempt to balance gains
11/25/2015 New skill rake added for angels
11/25/2015 New skill flyby added for angels
11/25/2015 New cool skill hurl added for angels, yes I dubbed it cool
11/25/2015 New skill ethereal attack added for angels
11/25/2015 New skill ward of ethereal for angels
11/26/2015 Every angel spell or skill has sounds attached to them
11/26/2015 Combo function works to a degree, fleshing it out now
11/26/2015 fixed a bug with fade skill
11/26/2015 angelfire adjusted so does damage one would expect at level the level given, but now also can heal the angel casting it.
11/26/2015 fixed a bug with Vaskar quest
11/26/2015 fixed a crash bug with archery
11/27/2015 fixed bug with sieges not removing all siege equipment after siege
11/27/2015 Added a sound for area reset messages
11/27/2015 sounds added for coin drop and regular drop of items for enhanced sound config
11/27/2015 Added more sounds for close, unlock, lock, open
11/27/2015 sound added for socials
11/27/2015 sound added for running
11/27/2015 Music donated by Girnath now had all portalstone areas with sound when you enter.
11/28/2015 Added help files for angels new skills
11/28/2015 New skill for monks, option of using grappling techniques instead of martial arts
11/28/2015 fixed bug where angelfire occassionally targetted the agnel
11/30/2015 New skill angelic being for angels
12/01/2015 New skill minor restore added for angels
12/01/2015 New skill for bards called story
12/01/2015 New skill for bards called juggle
12/01/2015 New skill for bards talkup
12/02/2015 New skill for bard critic
12/02/2015 New skill for bard morris dance
12/03/2015 Bard sound files added to sound pack
12/03/2015 Revamped Bard Class moved from test port to game port
12/03/2015 Tanner now can craft drums instrument and Carpenter can craft violin instruments
12/03/2015 Happy Hour all Weekend Long!
12/05/2015 Shaman Class moved from testport to main port
12/05/2015 Sound Pack updated with Shaman sounds. Gah, never ending sound pack downloads. lol
12/07/2015 Vampire Class and skills added from testport
12/07/2015 Soundpack updated with vampire sounds
12/08/2015 Fixed a major bug with sheath item adding hp to players each time worn.
12/09/2015 Fixed major bug with crafted items sometimes disappearing
12/09/2015 Bat form now gives proper description in that form
12/09/2015 Batform for vampires also uses blood points now
12/09/2015 Tanners can now craft quivers
12/09/2015 Fixed problems with bow and arrow not working properly that carpenters made
12/09/2015 Druid class being updated... ( work in progress )
12/10/2015 New skill for Druid's Creeping Doom
12/10/2015 Skill improvement Root for Druid, now can retract roots by using it again, and also regens mana.
12/11/2015 128 more capability added for affects
12/11/2015 Fixed some issues with housing not assigning proper houses for Paleon
12/11/2015 Can now practice at teachers till 50 percent, thank Girnath and Ludum for that.
12/11/2015 Sounds added for druid class, sound pack updated
12/12/2015 Kinetic Barrier skill for psionics effectiveness increased
12/12/2015 New skill for psionics mechanism
12/14/2015 New skill Astral Travel for psionics
12/14/2015 Telepathy now can be responded too, once a telepath initiates the contact
12/15/2015 New skill for psionics called disable
12/15/2015 New skill for psioncis called density
12/15/2015 New skill for psionics called touch
12/16/2015 Had to add bools to affect_to_char and modify_affect function to differientiate between affected_by and affected_by2 giving full functionality to the 256 affects
12/17/2015 fixed a bug with mobs showing unknown assailant message, by adding a IS_AFFECTED2 function
12/17/2015 Psionic sounds added for their skills. Soundpack has been updated!
12/18/2015 fixed a bug with bat form not allowing fly home skill
12/19/2015 Magic Missile spell enhanced for Mage class
12/20/2015 Kinetic Barrier duration now permenant unless shattered
12/20/2015 fireball spell updated
12/20/2015 New spell for mages wind attack
12/20/2015 New skill astral attack for mage
12/21/2015 New spell for mages sage wisdom
12/21/2015 foundation for new spell imprisonment added for mages.
12/23/2015 Happy Hour Double Experience throught he holidays!
12/29/2015 Dragons can now fly out of their lairs into wilderness instead of having to travel throughout the city.
12/30/2015 Imprison spell now will shrink victims down, and place them in a cage until the spell wears off
12/30/2015 fixed advance_level from not showing blood gains
12/30/2015 Grafted weapons from psionic will now graft dual wielded weapons if both weapons worn when graft used
12/30/2015 Mage imprisoment spell now lets them pick up the victim in the cage, and drop them to any location where the victim will now be at when the cage releases them.
12/31/2015 Many mage sound files added, will finish rest tomorrow.
12/31/2015 adjusted fighting sounds, so if magic spell, you don't hear playerhit.wav thus blocking the sound of magic attacks
12/31/2015 Every single skill and spell that mages use now has a sound for it. Sound Pack updated!
12/31/2015 New skill for thieves called Throat punch
12/31/2015 New skill for thieves called leg sweep
12/31/2015 New skill for thieves called target
12/31/2015 New skill for thieves called quick blade
01/01/2016 Dexterity and Luck are required for steal skill success
01/01/2016 All theives skills will now have sounds for them, sound pack will be updated again
01/02/2016 New skill for Warriors added forward charge
01/02/2016 Headbutt skill for warriors recieved a facelift and coolness factor +1
01/03/2016 New skill for warriors called hunker down
01/03/2016 Sound pack updated for warrior sounds.
01/03/2016 pugilism added to every class for when your fighting without a weapon
01/04/2016 Fixed pick locks so if your hiding it don't matter how close mobs are to the lock
01/04/2016 Added different fighting message for using pugilism
01/04/2016 New skill sprout spikes for Hellspawn
01/06/2016 New skill for Shaman hawk spirit
01/06/2016 New spell for shaman called torpor
01/06/2016 New spell for Shamans called wolf spirit
01/07/2016 Sounds added for all hellspawn spells/skills
01/07/2016 New skill for monks crane kick
01/07/2016 New skill for monks leg sweep
01/07/2016 Sounds added for all monk skills
01/08/2016 Mobs in the game are being issued the same attack spells and skills that players have.
01/11/2016 clawed hands attack added for Beast Master
01/13/2016 Help bank updated, as banking commands have changed.
01/13/2016 Help Mush updated for instructions on how to add sounds to MUSH Client
01/14/2016 If mobs have descriptions when they die, that description will now transfer to the corpse, when you type look corpse. If there is no description on a mob pls use the bug command to report it.
01/15/2016 Description added to spear of judgements
01/15/2016 Many mobs getting descriptions added. Please keep bug reporting as you find them. It maybe tedious but improves overall quality of the game.
01/15/2016 New option for quest journals, now can do journal quest number to get more information about the task in the journal your on. Use bug command to report chapters that need a phrase you have to say to mobs there.
01/17/2016 fixed a crash with color.c descriptors
01/17/2016 Fixed a problem with copyover stalling out game
01/17/2016 Fixed a crash with journal command when players chose to find out more information on a chapter number that was higher than what the quest actually had
01/18/2016 Pets should now be able to enter rooms they were previously denied because they are a mob.
01/18/2016 Players cannot choose mob names in creation, code will tell you illegal name. This is due to targeting issue and confusion it creates in general
01/18/2016 Mob defenses updated to be more what players use for defense
01/20/2016 New quest added in Dakar City
01/23/2016 angelfire skill and tend skill for angels updated
01/23/2016 increased sighted players view of wilderness
01/23/2016 Dragon damaging skills have more usefulness, in higher levels.
01/23/2016 New skill for Red Dragons called fumes
01/24/2016 Dragons given telepathy skill
01/24/2016 Fixed a crash with city->knight freeing memory before checking to see if NULL
01/25/2016 fixed a bug where if the arrow you shot into your victim was higher level than them it would not get lodged in victim
01/25/2016 fixed crossbows crafted by carpenters to work correctly
01/25/2016 Bank code revisions done by Volk adding a balance command, and a merge command if you need to merge bank accounts.
01/25/2016 Holding breath and frost bite damage now appear as a percentage for screen readers
01/25/2016 'Eq' command updated to accept a wear location, ie 'eq finger'
01/27/2016 Players keep money when they die till we get this bank stuff fixed properly
01/27/2016 Banks and bankers fixed, they should accept commands (eg 'account') as usual
01/27/2016 fixed bug with quiver crafted amounts held and with wear location
01/28/2016 bankers can be used in tutorials now as well.
01/29/2016 fixed bug where if you had a shield or sanc affect people could see your name when disguised or morphed
01/29/2016 Soldier, Archer, Warrior, Guard mobs now all will have difficulty set based on player fighting them for city siege events
01/30/2016 Thieves target skill will now have daggers on the ground when they fail to stick
01/30/2016 Angels hurl skill will also have spears on the ground when they fail to stick
01/30/2016 Heavens Blessing rewarded from staff has been replaced with Boost. Boost not only helps in combat, but will boost crafting skills.
01/30/2016 sound effect added so players know when they get boosted. Added to soundpack.
08/04/2016 Quaffing potions no longer makes you full.
08/04/2016 Eating pills and herbs no longer makes you full.
08/04/2016 Eating pills and herbs have a timer just like potions when in combat.
08/04/2016 There is no timer on baker crafted drinks
08/06/2016 Fixed a bug and made it so bakers heal salve gets more effective higher tradelevel
08/07/2016 Fixed bug with psionic whip skill
08/07/2016 adjusted shaman mend skill
08/07/2016 hopefully fixed crash from city siege event
08/07/2016 adjusted hide and sneak so have no duration rather based on luck and dexterity
08/07/2016 No longer have to be city leadership to laysiege, just a city member.
08/07/2016 You can now buy up to 50 items from shops instead of being limited to 20.
08/13/2016 new spell enlarge for mages. Also changed shrink skill to a spell.
08/13/2016 Fixed bug with spectral ward, spirits ward
08/13/2016 Removed useless but sentimental skill wizard eye and replaced with Insanity spell for mages.
08/13/2016 Fixed a bug where if you died with enlarge affect your height weight would get screwed up
08/14/2016 New trade skill unearth has been created.
08/14/2016 New tradeskill produce added
08/14/2016 New Trade Draconic added for Dragon Lords available at level 30.
08/14/2016 Fixed a bug with quest not updating on draconic quest
08/16/2016 Fixed a bug where dragon lords were able to use some dragon skills.
08/16/2016 Fixed enlarge/shrink bug if it in fact has to do with using crawl in combination with one or the other.
08/17/2016 Combo command will now with 2 attacks or 3 attacks
08/17/2016 Combo command changed to a skill so more players know about it's existence.
08/17/2016 Fixed bug with combo attack changes showing syntax in middle of combat
08/18/2016 New skill coalesce for spell casters. combining spell attacks into one like combo attack.
08/18/2016 Produce products updated to add some layers and a few fixes
08/18/2016 New mage spell kolaks stand added
08/19/2016 Fixed bug with spell kolak stand that allowed stacking hp affects
08/19/2016 There's a tiny chance that the game will grant a minor boost effect instead of typical restore to thank players for patronage now.
08/21/2016 Mages given detect hidden and detect invis spells
08/21/2016 Druid sylvan touch skill revamped and also druids given hide skill.
08/22/2016 Druid forest skill adjusted
08/25/2016 Added back bark skin skill for druids after noticing it was missing from their slist.
08/26/2016 Added new software clang debugger is pretty awesome at finding some errors in code.
08/26/2016 Fixed a setting issue with furniture milled, found with clang software.
08/26/2016 Fixed an error in do_cone found with clang software.
08/26/2016 Fixed error in whois code for staff found with clang
08/26/2016 Fixed a bug with blunt weapons updates and sharpen skill found with clang software
08/26/2016 fixed a bug with roll command found by clang software
08/26/2016 Removed conflicting declaration of get_race fround with clang software
08/26/2016 fixed a few conflicting const declarations found with clang software
08/26/2016 Fixed memory leak in roster and clan member
08/26/2016 fixed memory leak in quests.c and new_auth.c
08/26/2016 Fixed a bug where get_char_room didn't have rch initialized
08/26/2016 fixed a bug with mist acid where rch wasn't initialized
08/26/2016 fixed a bug in do_balistic where arg was not initialized
08/26/2016 Fixed a unitialized victim call in spec_thief
08/27/2016 config autodoor will now open the door if you are trying to flee and all the doors are closed.
08/27/2016 fixed bug with druid where they didn't auto wear gear back when going back to humanform
08/27/2016 fixed a bug where mine list showed a few steels that jewelers were never supposed to be able to use.
08/27/2016 cast continual light spell enhanced
08/27/2016 Fixed a bug where coalesce would take caster to negative mana
08/27/2016 New skill for shaman hex, see help file.
08/27/2016 mend skill revamped for shamans
08/27/2016 Shaman given 2h bludgeons and blowguns skills
08/27/2016 Fixed bug with autodoor and flee
08/28/2016 Norrinton South Harbor area slightly expanded.
08/28/2016 A few areas that objects had no descriptions were given them. Gnome tower, Merchant Discovery.
08/28/2016 Abandoned Cabin area objects have descriptions added to them.
08/28/2016 Garden area has object descriptions added.
08/28/2016 Tufkular area object descriptions that were missing have been added.
08/28/2016 fixed a bug with shoulder pauldrons disappearing when you die
08/29/2016 Dragons can now do quests of any quest level since they can already hunt in areas beyond their level.
08/29/2016 fixed a bug with druid owls not being able to fly home
08/29/2016 Fixed a bug with enlarge shrink affects with using crawl, and getting dispelled by mobs.
08/30/2016 Ok fix on enlarge shrink wasn't perfect, now if game finds you with incorrect height weight and our not a dragon it sets you back to your race height weight.
09/01/2016 cure affliction now cures more ailments the higher level the caster.
09/01/2016 Druids and Angels now get Sanctuary at level 98
09/02/2016 Fixed a crash bug in send_tochannel function
09/02/2016 Sorceror class given create food spell
09/03/2016 players can now join Halcyon clan, although they are only neutral in their actions, they can still be attacked as all players are player killers in this game.
09/03/2016 You can now get some fitful sleep dozing off in your saddle, which wont be as effective as sleeping on the ground. Unless your a crusader or shadowknight, then you are used to sleeping in the saddle.
09/03/2016 fixed a out of bounds array with pc_display
09/03/2016 fixed arrays with dragonic trade and lumber trade
09/04/2016 Fixed a bug with tanned items saying only a massive dragon can wear
09/05/2016 The time it takes to get hungry/thirsty has been doubled.
09/05/2016 New sound file learn.wav added for when you improve at a skill, you must have config enhanced on
09/05/2016 Restriction added for angels with minor restore -> they do more or less healing the better alignment they have.
09/05/2016 New magic spell for mages -> find familiar
09/06/2016 Added a fix so if wee little dragons happen upon dragon quest before, level 20 it will automatically remove the quest at the end, so they can in fact do it when they hit level 20.
09/06/2016 Dream Walk revamped to same standards as breech and astral
09/08/2016 New skill for Beastmasters called spirit travel
09/08/2016 Exits now show up to the beastmaster that is in beast meld mode
09/09/2016 Beastmaster using beast meld mode will now show up with who command usage.
09/09/2016 Beast Masters can now do hone skill while beast melded.
09/09/2016 Beastmasters can now use the affects command when in beast meld mode
09/09/2016 Landmark command now works for beastmaster in beast meld mode
09/10/2016 Beastmaster's in beast meld mode can now use normal talking channels.
09/10/2016 Mobs will attack beastmaster when using beastmeld mode
09/10/2016 Beastmasters now see pet leveling info with level command
09/10/2016 Pet hunger instantly fulfilled on successful use of stalk skill for beastmaster
09/10/2016 Pet thirst instantly fulfilled on successful use of find water for beastmaster
09/10/2016 Beastmasters given smell skill
09/11/2016 New skill called join for beastmasters lets their body be called to their location.
09/11/2016 Beastmaster pets, now have to swim in water
09/11/2016 Halflings, humans and gnomes can now be Beastmaster class as well.
09/11/2016 Fixed a few bugs with beast master pets not being set to proper hitpoints when tamed and when they level.
09/12/2016 Fixed crash bug with a NULL string
09/12/2016 Now if Beastmaster flee's the pet will flee as well.
09/13/2016 fixed a crash bug for blind players who use level in beast meld mode.
09/13/2016 New sounds added for Beastmaster download at 6dragons.tk/sounds.tar.gz
09/15/2016 Beastmaster in beast mode can now trash objects, had to fix bug so they could see the objects, use portalstone, and recall.
09/15/2016 Wilderness mobs will also jump beastmasters in beast meld mod.
09/15/2016 whereis command now works for beastmaster in beast meld mode
09/15/2016 Fixed compilation errors with i3 intermud code.
09/16/2016 New command for beastmaster in beast meld mode called petscore.
09/17/2016 Blue Dragons can now breathe water through gills, glide through the water for swimming, and withstand any arctic weather.
09/17/2016 Black Dragons have a auto physical attack of a tail whip.
09/17/2016 added snap.wave for sound when mining picks break.
09/17/2016 Fixed a sector type bug with arctic wilderness locations not showing descriptions
09/18/2016 Fixed prob with free_banks so cleanup_memory didn't crash game.
09/18/2016 Added STRFREE obj->owner to obj_clean_que
09/20/2016 Gold Dragons - issued back some of the magic they used to have and as per the help file they ae supposed to be strong in magic.
09/20/2016 New skill for Silver Dragons Steel Flex
09/20/2016 Fixed a crash bug with wimpy settings
09/23/2016 Fixed a big memory leak in void free_obj_here_list(void) thanks to Valgrind software and Remcon
09/23/2016 New code added to compiler called memwatch that alerts of memory errors.
09/24/2016 Fixed a crash bug with boost affect and players quitting game
09/26/2016 Fixed crash with beast meld using skills command, it should not have been allowed.
09/27/2016 fixed a memory leak with CHQUEST_DATA
09/28/2016 fixed bug with ball of light
09/28/2016 Beastmeld mode now get's crash.wav sound when ambushed by mobs in wild.
09/28/2016 Fixed a crash bug with carpentry
09/28/2016 helpfile for Carpenters and mill updated
10/01/2016 New command queststat for staff that lets us view where players are on a quest for helping those who have quest issues.
10/01/2016 Useless title_table removed from class function
10/01/2016 New innate ability of red dragon they draw outward a searing haze of heat when in battle.
10/02/2016 Vampires now burn less in the sun the older they get.
10/03/2016 Feed skill acquires more blood the older the vampire gets.
10/03/2016 Gorge skill acquires more blood the older the vampire gets.
10/03/2016 When flying if you use sleep or rest command you automatically land instead of having to type land first, it is now assumed you would if you wanted to sleep.
10/03/2016 Demons feed skill now acquires more blood the older the demon is.
10/03/2016 Angels heal more the older the angel is.
10/05/2016 Fixed Dragonic produced crystal lights settings
10/07/2016 fixed a crash with staff fighting and using life command getting hp set to zero and crashing game.
10/08/2016 Fixed a bug where you couldn't fill your flask of water from a fountain
10/15/2016 Adjusted shipwright mob in wilderness so it will sell you a ship to sail across the ocean or repair your ship hull.
10/15/2016 fliers and floaters you will no longer be able to coast across the ocean with as low a movement loss as you once enjoyed.
10/16/2016 Added a auth all option for authorizing new player names as I am that lazy.
10/17/2016 Fixed dispel magic bug with Dragon human form
10/23/2016 Canniablize now works better based on age, and heals more if not fighting.
10/23/2016 Burrowed vampires loose no blood from tick updates.
11/15/2016 New config Keepalive will keep you logged on when you are away from computer
02/11/2017 Fixed crusaders and shadowknights healing rate while mounted
04/23/2017 Now all non-specialized races can be any class, why not?
10/15/2017 New Area added Vampire's Den
11/02/2017 Fixed the issue with having to type your name in twice at log-in
11/02/2017 city healers should be casting remove curse now and then
11/04/2017 Fixed a bug where if a class had combo and coal it was confusing one for the other, also fixed a minor leak associated with it
11/04/2017 Fixed a messaging issue with dark blessing spell
11/04/2017 Now if a caster's beast kills you in arena it should not causes you to lose your corpse there.
11/04/2017 Adjusted alias command to allow 250 uses in a row instead of 50 max.
11/04/2017 Fixed issue with RP flag missing a bracket
11/04/2017 Adjusted City sieges so even if no defenses a few guards remain
02/19/2018 Fixed bugg with shrink and enlarge making people negative numbers.
02/19/2018 You automatically start on general board when you type boards as default now instead of auction
02/19/2018 New skill for Beastmaster Pounce!
02/19/2018 New skill for psionics takeover!
02/19/2018 fixed config keepalive to work with all mud clients.
02/19/2018 Black Dragons get bonus when using tail swipe
02/19/2018 New skill for Black Dragons whiplash
02/20/2018 Bat shape for vampires now occassionally uses bite or feed when fighting like the vampire form.
02/21/2018 Added drown.wav to differentiate between swimming sound file and drowning
02/23/2018 New area for levels 5 - 30 The Savannah!
02/23/2018 The Savannah has been added to Portal Stone
02/24/2018 Old School Class Necromancer Option returned to Game
02/24/2018 spruced up lesser skeleton skill to be more descriptive
02/25/2018 Bone dagger given more descriptive verbage.
02/25/2018 Adjusted hitpoint healing so recovery is faster
02/27/2018 bone dagger affects changed to procs to be less spammy when fighting
02/28/2018 Starting to remove authorization code stuff of names. If your name is offensive easy enough to get you to change it.
03/02/2018 Added a crashbug memoryleak fix for free_desc
03/03/2018 Fixed more issues with mccp and descriptor data I didn't realize were jacked up
03/03/2018 Completely removed newauth code.
03/03/2018 combat heal defense for mobs replaced by mend
03/04/2018 Cities fortified to max for equal footing
03/04/2018 fixed a crash bug in channel hook function
03/04/2018 Wherever you quit or go link-dead in game is where you will relog on the game now
03/04/2018 Fixed format of bracket for tripleclass
03/05/2018 Found a crash dealing with mob hate levels. quicklink attempting to set new victim when name already freed
03/06/2018 Added a crash fix in fight.c for hating mobs
03/08/2018 Adjusted hide and sneak to not fail as often but still works based on dexterity and luck
03/08/2018 Fixed an issue with Necromancer extract skeleton skill
03/10/2018 Customized some of Necromancer spells and made sure sounds were there.
03/10/2018 Harness Mana skill has been customized
03/11/2018 fixed read_from_descriptor bug I caused myself
03/12/2018 bonus for reviews back in effect, see help contribute
03/13/2018 Added config annoucements so don't have constant trumpet sounds if not interested.
03/15/2018 downloadable MUSHclient for 6Dragons loads with sounds now available.
03/16/2018 Fixed bug allowing ooc channel to be heard but not seen by level 1 players who had sound enabled
03/16/2018 Whole soundpack and game has been switched from .wav files to .ogg files making soundpack size much much smaller for same sounds.
03/17/2018 Fixed crash bug with slice
03/17/2018 updated drink and eat messages to be easier to understand and not to require constant eating and drinking
03/17/2018 Fixed a crash bug with frost bite message
03/21/2018 Baker tradeskill revamped to allow regeneration of mana and hp while fighting.
03/22/2018 amount of practices you gain added to skills, spells, weapons command
03/22/2018 fixed a bug with infravision and typo
03/22/2018 baked food now has information of the item with identify spell or lore skill
03/22/2018 Mixed drinks now have information of the item with identify spell or lore skill
03/24/2018 Fixed a bug that dragons doing higher level quests were not showing up in their journal
03/25/2018 Added tradeskills to skills command
03/25/2018 Added a message informing players when a mob is immune to a attack type that their attack is unaffective.
03/25/2018 Now you will get messages if a mob has a resistance to your attack, so you know maybe I should switch to something else.
03/25/2018 Added 2 new sounds resist.ogg and immune.ogg for helping determine when a mob is resistant or immune
03/25/2018 Adjusted identify spell and lore skill to show postitve Armor to negative on armor items, so it reduces confusion
03/26/2018 Fixed a bug where attacking pacifist mobs would allow you to gain increases in skill percentage
03/26/2018 Fixed Paleon and Dakar housing so vampires didn't burn from sun. Now indoor housing lol
03/26/2018 Fixed bug with alias command to work again
03/26/2018 two-handed weapons added to carpenter, blacksmith, tanner and jeweler
03/27/2018 tintin++ mud client for linux now works with our sound pack thanks to player Bansheena
03/31/2018 MSDP has been added to this port. If you have MUSHclient you can make custom plug ins that use graphics.
04/02/2018 Fixed issue with game crashing on copyover. Weeeee.
04/04/2018 MUSHclient.zip now has graphics plug-in installed on http://6dragons.tk/MUSHclient.zip
04/06/2018 Pet owners now benefit if pet completes quest killing mob
04/06/2018 You should no longer get the it's already open message when config autodoor and door is already open
04/07/2018 fixed a bug with jewelers bag
04/07/2018 Fixed typo with combo skill saying atack instead of attack
04/07/2018 Removed old mssp code, cause msdp has mssp already in it.
04/07/2018 Changed messages from stayin alive music song to a brief message of staying connected for blind players
04/08/2018 Beastmasters in beast meld mode, now can auto open doors if they were config autodoor
04/08/2018 Areas command updated to not be so spammy
04/08/2018 Affects command updated to not be so spammy
04/08/2018 Now if your following someone you won't see everyone elses arrive and leave messages
04/08/2018 Quest Giver flags being added to mobs that give quests.
04/09/2018 fixed a crash bug with quests, if bad quest name
04/13/2018 Added mob ifchecks to see what tradeclass a player is
04/14/2018 New command bundle number objects created, for use with some new quests coming
04/14/2018 Crafting quests added for blacksmith and jeweler in Paleon by shop keepers
04/14/2018 Tanner crafting quest added to Paleon City
04/14/2018 New crafting quest for bakers in Paleon City
04/14/2018 Carpenter craft quest added to Paleon City
05/07/2018 reduced how quickly you get hungry and thirsty by a little bit

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