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Zaiden Kimel

Written Player Reviews
I've been playing muds off and on since the 1990's. Over time, I
have come to appreciate muds that are Smaug code based.  6 Dragons 
has become my new home for a number of reasons. First, since it is 
Smaug-based, it is in my preferred format. But it is highly modified, 
so it does not have a stock feel at all.

It has a great look and feel to it. Its ANSI colors are well thought
out and easy on the eyes.  It has an excellent, short newbie introduction, 
which I actually enjoyed doing. The map system is great, and I find it 
easy to navigate around the world.

Too, I have long had a preference for playing non-human characters
(wolves, cougars, dragons, etc.). 6 Dragons allows for the player to
create a dragon character in one of 5 types, each with different
skills and spells.

There is more than playing a dragon, of course. The available races
are rather extensive, including pixies, shades, vampires, mindflayers
and centaurs, in addition to the usual elves, dwarves, etc. A player
can choose from a number of different classes. One may also choose to
multi-class (up to 3 classes). There are professions one may choose to
do as well.

Last but definitely not least, there is an active, friendly player
base. The staff is active and helpful.  There have been muds that I 
have found downright unfriendly to a woman player. But 6 Dragons is 
great, welcoming, and a place I felt right at home in from the first 
day I arrived. It has only gotten better the more I've come to know it 
and the other players.

Myrth, the Blue Dragon

Hail! I am Vagnor, a player of 6 Dragons MUD for the previous four
months or so. Since the last review for 6 Dragons is bringing in many
capable new players, I figured I'd write one as well to perhaps
further expand the playerbase, and explain a few more details about
the MUD!

Most MUDs out there, as many of you MUD-hoppers know, are really not
much more than stock, and rarely have a developed playerbase. Due to
this well known fact, I didn't have very high expectations when first
connecting to 6 Dragons. Within about a half hour of playing though, I
realized what a gem I had stumbled upon. The first thing that caught
my eye was the very interactive and original tutorial system. It is
actually the only tutorial I have ever fully enjoyed and haven't
skipped. :P

Beyond that, the character creation and development is extraordinary!
You can level up to three different classes at a time, pouring
different amounts of gained experience into each so that they can
differ in strength. No one class can be above 8 levels higher than the
others though. It's impossible to give all the details here though,
since it is so structured and complex. There are other 'race/class'
beings too, such as Vampires, Mindflayers, Dragons, and Angels. Each
of these have their own abilities and attributes, but still everything
remains incredibly balanced. New spells and abilities are being added
all the time.

The playerbase at 6 Dragons is of decent size, and very active.
During the busy hours of the day, it usually has about 6-9 players on
at a time, which is healthy enough to encourage RP, grouping, and
other player interaction. I'd like to see this number grow a bit, of
course! Also, there is almost always at least one immortal online to
assist the players, run quests, work on areas, program new stuff, etc.
The staff at 6 Dragons is very competent and very devoted to the

The world of 6 Dragons is fleshed out to now small degree. There are
many areas in which to level, quest, and find equipment. Quests are
very detailed, involving interaction with mobiles, retrieving items,
slaying specific mobiles, finding secret rooms or tunnels, etc. All
this makes for a great MUDding experience not found on most MUDs out
there. And it's always improving! Staff work their hearts out to
build new and intriguing areas for the players, and new quests to
supply us with a fun and interesting gaming environment.

All in all, I'm completely impressed with 6 Dragons. I planned to
just blow an evening playing a random MUD, and now, four months later,
it's really all that I play! I've made many friends here, and have
had a wonderful time building up my character, stat wise and RP wise.

If this has peaked your interest even a little bit, I strongly
encourage you to visit 6 Dragons and try it out for yourself! You
won't be disappointed. 



I have been mudding on SMAUG derivatives since 1994 and played on
possibly more than a hundred muds in that time. I can safely say that
though i've left and returned many times, at the end of the day
6dragons is my favourite!

It has many cool features such as a CUSTOM overland map (not Sammy's
snippet just patched in), a fully integrated quest system, hundreds of
coded spells and skills, custom multiclassing, server side lua
scripting, rewarded bugs/typos/ideas system AND DRAGONS! That's
right, you can be a DRAGON! Or you can fight dragons, if you prefer!

But eclipsing all that are the dedicated staff, in particular the
owner Vladaar who tirelessly commits several hours every day with a
full time job and large family. He doesn't sleep much! Supporting him
are a great team of builders, coders and PR who consistently pull out
all the stops to implement new ideas or tidy up obsolete ones.

Hope to see you there,

Jeremy B.